Height above ground =

Initial velocity (upwards) =

Taking as positive:

For velocity when the ball reaches the platform and time taken to reach the platform:
Due to time symmetry,

The velocity when it reaches the platform is downwards.

The time taken to reach the platform
For maximum height above the ground:

The maximum height above the ground is
For time taken for full motion:

The time taken to reach the ground is
For velocity at which the ball hits the ground:

The velocity when the ball hits the ground is downwards.

  1. This simulation shows you the motion of a ball that is thrown vertically upwards from a platform. All effects of friction are ignored.
  2. Use the sliders to set the height of the platform, the initial upwards velocity of the ball and the mass of the ball.
  3. Click GO to see the motion. Look carefully at all the values that appear on the screen.
  4. Click RESET to start again.
  5. Enter other platform heights, initial velocities or masses and observe how this affects the motion.