Positive charge

+1 nC

Negative charge

1 nC

Test charge

Show electric field

  1. Drag one positive charge and one negative charge into the frame.
  2. Check the SHOW ELECTRIC FIELD box to see the shape of the net electric field caused by the two charges.
  3. Move the charges closer together and further apart. Observe the change in the net electric field.
  4. Drag the yellow positive test charge into the frame. Observe the size and direction of the net electrostatic force on the test charge.
  5. Move the test charge around and observe the effect on the net electrostatic force.
  6. To see the net electrostatic force on the test charge better, you may uncheck the SHOW ELECTRIC FIELD box.
  7. Click the RESET button.
  8. Repeat Steps 1 to 6 for two positive charges and then for two negative charges.
  9. Repeat Steps 1 to 6 for any three charges placed at right angles to each other.
  10. Try any other arrangement of charges you might be interested in.